Monopile Installation for a Tidal Turbine

  At the end of July 2011 BAUER Renewables Ltd. completed the installation of a monopile for a tidal turbine on behalf of operator Voith Hydro. The work was carried out off the Scottish coast in the test zone of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.

Major challenges were posed not only by the task of drilling at a water depth of 37 meters, but also by the extremely strong currents running up to 4.5 meters per second. To carry out the ship-based drilling, BAUER Renewables Ltd. deployed an underwater drilling rig newly developed and built by BAUER Maschinen GmbH. For the installation the use of a DP vessel was required. For this project in Orkney the “North Sea Giant”, a DP3 vessel, has been used successfully.
      The approx. 24 meter long, 2 meter diameter steel monopile was grouted into an 11 meter deep rock socket with high-strength mortar. It will provide the foundation structure for a 1 MW tidal turbine installed and operated by Voith Hydro.